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Digibridge Ad – “Let us know if you spot us on the Aston Expressway

Digibridge Ad – “Let us know if you spot us on the Aston Expressway 2000 900 88Admin

“Go big or go home”

“Speculate to accumulate”

“If you’ve got it, flaunt it”

These adages are at the heart of the newest move at TCMS Headquarters.

Over our 38 years in business, we have always been keen to invest in innovative equipment, methods and products, in order to grow and improve.  Sometimes these moves are decided over a period of weeks, born of careful planning and painstaking research, and others, like this one, are lightning strikes of inspiration whilst sitting in traffic on the Aston Expressway on a Monday morning commute.

Any Birmingham-based commuter will be familiar with the Aston Expressway, one of the main arterial routes into the city, and will have spotted the advertising Digibridge based there.  With sightlines from 1km away, you can’t really miss it!

The Digi-bridge is managed by Ocean Outdoor, a key player in the Digital Out Of Home advertising landscapes.  Ocean are a national company, with 148 locations across 10 major UK cities.  Alongside market leading digital screens, they also value Sustainability objectives like Ocean for Oceans with a mission to eradicate single use plastics from their business by the end of 2021 and with £2million investment into start ups championing plastic alternatives.  This sits perfectly with our ISO14001 Environmental Management commitment to reduce our impact on the environment via the partners we choose to work with.

After meeting with Ocean’s local representative, we had confirmation that this was yet another innovative move on behalf of TCMS – cleaning companies have traditionally shied away from this type of marketing in the past, and we were about to become the very first cleaning company to take our place in front of the Birmingham commuter traffic on A38.

Once the decision had been made to go ahead with the advertisement, it was clear that we needed to produce a clear, relevant and beautiful piece of artwork to sit proudly on the Digi-bridge, alongside household names such as Stella Artois, Ford and EE.

We are so proud to be flying the flag for Birmingham cleaning companies, pride of place in the commuter heart of the city.  From Monday May 17th.

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