CALL: 0121 333 5824

CALL: 0121 333 5824

Why should I outsource my office cleaning?

There are a large number of benefits to be gained from regular office cleaning.  First impressions count, and having a clean office shows your clients and service users that you prioritise organisation, hygiene and wellbeing.  Staff are less stressed and work better in a clean and tidy environment and studies have shown that sanitized surfaces can reduce staff absenteeism by decreasing transmission of illnesses between colleagues.

It can be tempting to delegate workplace cleaning duties to staff on site, as a cost-saving exercise, but in our experience this can lead to delays in workload completion and loss of profit overall as people can get bogged down in these tasks and lose precious time spent on their own roles.  We believe that outsourcing our cleaning needs to a dedicated specialist allows you and your team to thrive in your environment, saves time and reduces stress.

What does contracted office cleaning involve?

Every contract we currently hold is completely custom-built to match the needs of our clients and their environments.

Our Operations Team carry out a quotation with you, discussing which areas you would like included, and the frequency with which these should be managed.  We often include the following, as an example:

  • Common and reception areas
  • Office spaces and desks
  • Touchpoint cleaning
  • Washrooms, toilets and changing rooms
  • Corridors, stairs and landings

Why choose TCMS

We have been providing office cleaning services in Birmingham and across the UK since 1983, and in that time have perfected our craft to offer you an elite and bespoke service to help your business run more smoothly.  We focus on the following key points when designing a cleaning schedule with you

Free In-Person Quote

Our Operations Team would never charge you to survey your premises and assess your cleaning needs.  Rather than providing standardized rates for cleaning, we ensure that we assess your cleaning needs accurately by visiting in person.

Timely Responses

We pride ourselves on providing a quick turnaround on quotes to make sure that you aren’t waiting for information following our visits.


We have invested in our staff who have decades of cleaning experience and benefit from regular and ongoing training.

Customer service

Our managers and administrative staff are committed to developing client relationships, adding value and streamlining processes.  We have held some of our regular cleaning contracts since 2013, and our people-led approach sees us consistently winning and retaining cleaning contracts in Birmingham and beyond.

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