CALL: 0121 333 5824

CALL: 0121 333 5824

What does commercial kitchen cleaning involve?  Do I need it?

Businesses with commercial kitchens know the importance of maintaining clean, organised and hygienic workspaces.

Commercial kitchens require the following to meet health and safety standards, and remain functional

  • Full deep clean of walls, surfaces and flooring
  • Deep cleaning of equipment, including ovens, fridges and basins
  • Canopy, extraction and filter cleaning to TR-19 standards
  • Supply and fixing of inspection hatches

It can be tempting to delegate cleaning duties to kitchen staff as a cost-saving exercise, but in our experience, this can lead to delays in food production and loss of profit overall as people can get bogged down in these tasks and lose precious time spent on their own roles.

outsourcing your kitchen cleaning needs

We believe that outsourcing your kitchen cleaning needs to a dedicated specialist allows you and your team to thrive in your environment, saves time and reduces stress.   All of our kitchen, canopy and extraction cleans come with a post-clean certificate, and the peace of mind that your kitchen and equipment will be cleaned to an exceptionally high standard in line with health recommendations.

Maintained kitchens and equipment last longer too, which saves money overall on repairs, replacements and risk of accidents.

Deep cleaning also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your business is fully compliant with Health & Safety guidelines, and reduce transmission of common illnesses, thus reducing staff illness and absenteeism.  Engaging a specialist cleaning company brings the peace of mind of knowing these tasks are undertaken by trained professionals with full access to PPE, chemicals and recognised training to deliver top quality service.

TCMS registered and trained members of the BESCA

All Canopies and Ducting are cleaned to TR19 standards as we are trained to BESA/BESCA standards.

Why choose TCMS

We have been providing Kitchen cleaning services in Birmingham and across the UK since 1983, and in that time have perfected our craft to offer you an elite and bespoke service to help your business run more smoothly.

Free in Person Quote

Our Operations Team would never charge you to survey your premises and assess your cleaning needs. Rather than providing standardized rates for cleaning, we ensure that we assess your cleaning needs accurately by visiting in person.

Timely Responses

We pride ourselves on providing a quick turnaround on quotes to make sure that you aren’t waiting for information following our visits.


We have invested in our staff who have decades of cleaning experience and benefit from regular and ongoing training. Our staff have recognised training from laboratories so you can be assured you will receive the service you pay for at a top-quality level.

Specialist equipment and products

We are committed to using the right tools for every job, and only use the safest and most suitable equipment and chemicals to achieve an outstanding outcome.

Customer service

Our managers and administrative staff are committed to developing client relationships, adding value and streamlining processes.  Our people-led approach sees us consistently winning and retaining cleaning contracts in Birmingham and beyond, and many of our periodic contracts have been operational for over a decade.

Health and Safety Standards

Prior to operations, we send out bespoke Risk Assessments, Method Statements and COSHH Assessments to maintain stringent Health & Safety standards.

Added Value

As a company offering multiple cleaning services, we are able to meet all of your commercial cleaning needs, which saves you time procuring several providers to take care of your premises.

Cleaning Certificates

Periodic kitchen and canopy cleans are followed up with certificate of completion.

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