CALL: 0121 333 5824

CALL: 0121 333 5824

Meet the Team

TCMS has assembled a team of the best and brightest minds in the business. We’re all dedicated to the ambitions of our business, whilst maintaining a collaborative, family-like approach with shared responsibility and passion for everyone using our service.

Michael Dainty

Michael has worked in the services industry since 1984. Under his leadership, TCMS has won several awards and is now a recognised expert in the industry.

Michael sets vision & strategy for TCMS and then find the brightest and most capable people to deliver it.

Claire Johnson

Claire’s responsibilities include finance & account management at TCMS. With over 30 years of experience, she supervises, tracks and evaluate day-to-day activities.

Claire oversees end-to-end finance operations, financial planning and analysis looking to improve the procedures of the business.

Lee Dainty

Lee manages all the industrial side of business, including commercial cleaning.

His responsibilities also require analysing customer and financial information, research the consumer market, and evaluate the cost of running a company versus the profit they generate in order to determine if any operations require changes.

James Dainty

James manages the industrial cleaning team, overseeing efficiency of operational processes.

His responsible for supervising and training new staff as well as monitoring and reporting on department performance.

Hayley White

Hayley holds a position of an Office Administrator at TCMS, and she takes care of coordinating office activities and operations to secure efficiency and compliance to company policies.

Hayley supports budgeting and bookkeeping procedures whilst assisting colleagues whenever necessary.

Victoria Mentel

Victoria manages the marketing department and oversees the production of all marketing materials, including all social media accounts and website content.

She reports to and coordinates with other department heads to manage company budgets, objectives, and activities

Lynn O’Donnell

Lynn has been with TCMS for over 9 years, and she works behind the scenes in the office making sure all the documents and information is kept up to date.

Her job also includes invoicing all the services that TCMS carries out and communication with other departments.

Donna Lamont

Donna has 20 years’ experience in the industry and her position with TCMS requires planning of daily operations.

She is responsible for all communications to ensure everything is kept within the schedule and makes sure targets are being met on a cost-effective basis.

Lindsey Lamont

Lindsey’s role requires her to monitor the efficacy of the department, improve operating processes, and communication with management on a daily basis.


Every contract we currently hold is completely custom-built to match the needs of our clients and their environments.


Engaging a specialist cleaning company brings the peace of mind of knowing these tasks are undertaken by trained professionals with full access to PPE.


Maintained kitchens and equipment last longer too, which saves money overall on repairs, replacements and risk of accidents.

Commercial cCeaning


It is essential that these operations are carried out by highly trained operatives with full, compliant PPE and safe, effective chemicals and equipment.


Carpet manufacturers routinely recommend regular deep cleans to keep their carpets looking good, preventing premature wear and ultimately costly replacements.


From a commercial perspective, waste can take up precious business space, damage business image and cause health issues.

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