Commercial Cleaning Myths

Commercial Cleaning Myths

Commercial Cleaning Myths 900 444 Victoria Mentel

Industrial and commercial cleaning is a complicated job as both require specialist knowledge and professional experience. There is a lot more to commercial cleaning than meets the eye. Every space is different and attention to specific details is paramount for a high-quality clean.

It’s expensive

Many people think that commercial cleaning service is too expensive. Not true. Firstly, we’ve covered how commercial cleaning benefits companies, and secondly, it saves businesses money and time.

Moreover, professional cleaning services have years of experience and know and what areas to treat. A cleaning team should be able to come in and do the job once as untrained staff may miss areas and need to go back and reclean. That is expensive!

Commercial cleaning inferes with your production and manufacturing 

This is a common myth and it isn’t true. A professional cleaning company will work around your production or manufacturing activities with minimal disruption to your services. A well-trained team is prepared to efficiently clean areas that are most used– especially areas that produce or manufacture food.

Industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning are the same

Industrial and commercial spaces are in fact different and both require very different methods and techniques for cleaning. It all depends on the business activity in the space, what products or chemicals are used and what type of machinery is in the area.

Industrial and commercial cleaning is different – and no two spaces are the same.

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