Dry Ice Cleaning – What Is It?

Dry Ice Cleaning – What Is It?

Dry Ice Cleaning – What Is It? 1280 853 Victoria Mentel

What is ice blasting?

Ice blasting is a cleaning technology that can be used for the most delicate residential equipment to the toughest industrial machines. It is not only effective, but safe as well, and leaves no secondary waste after the job is done.

Dry blasting uses pellets of dry ice and propels them at a very high speed. Once the pellets hit the surface, kinetic energy creates explosions that lift all the dirt, oil, and grime without touching the underlying surface of the equipment.



What is dry ice?

Dry ice is CO2 in solid form — which is colorless, tasteless, and easily found in the atmosphere. Basically, it is a frozen gas. However, when it evaporates, it does not leave water or any other residue in its place. The primary use for dry ice was food preservation and it’s still widely used for that purpose.



How does it work?

Dry ice cleaning works like highly abrasive soda or sandblasting. It’s way more effective than water or steam blasting. The fact that it has zero potential for structural or equipment damages makes it even better. As long as you hire the best dry ice cleaning services, your equipment will be safe.

Dry ice is extremely cold — close to 110 degrees Fahrenheit. When the pellets hit the surface, they loosen the dirt then immediately revert to CO2 gas. It leaves no water, grit, sand, or chemicals that require cleaning up.

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