How To Reduce Cross-Contamination Risk In Your Healthcare Facility

How To Reduce Cross-Contamination Risk In Your Healthcare Facility

How To Reduce Cross-Contamination Risk In Your Healthcare Facility 1000 600 Victoria Mentel

Cross-contamination can be a common problem in many offices. A healthcare facility is an excellent example of a place in which germs and bacteria thrive.

For obvious reasons, cross-contamination should be avoided at all costs. Therefore, you need to make sure the commercial cleaning team you employ provides the deepest cleaning at all levels.


What is cross-contamination in healthcare?

Cross-contamination is the transfer of harmful microorganisms, mainly viruses, and bacteria. The spread of viruses can occur when people do not clean their hands after contact with body fluids and touch pieces of contaminated equipment.

For that reason, medical professionals work hard to ensure the environment is clean and equipment is properly handled.


What works to prevent cross-contamination?

  • Create an Infection Control Policy – an infection control policy includes which patients have the highest risks of contracting or passing infections.
  • Provide Infection Control Education– your staff should have access to available training on cross-contamination to ensure they are able to identify common infections and prevent their spread.
  • Disinfect and Keep Surfaces Clean– every room in your healthcare facility should be cleaned thoroughly with a bleach-based cleanser. Make sure you clean all rooms regularly to prevent accidental transmission of infections between patients, staff, and visitors.
  • Schedule Deep Cleaning on a Regular Basis– deep cleaning should be performed at least bi-weekly. This ensures that every area has been thoroughly disinfected and safe for people.


Preventing cross-contamination doesn’t start with commercial cleaning services. In fact, it’s everyone’s responsibility to take action to reduce the risk of spreading germs.


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