School Cleaning Services – What We Offer At TCMS

School Cleaning Services – What We Offer At TCMS

School Cleaning Services – What We Offer At TCMS 1600 1600 Victoria Mentel

Keeping a clean and healthy environment for our children is one of the highest priorities. That is why at TCMS we offer services to clean or disinfect school premises to the highest standard. There are all sorts of bacteria that can be of danger to children, so regular cleaning is strictly necessary to ensure that the environment is safe.

At TCMS we clean schools and other educational buildings of all sizes, including primary schools, secondary schools, universities, and more. Every educational body requires a trustworthy and reliable cleaning service to ensure that the highest standard of service is provided. We know that every school is different, therefore, we take time to quote every school individually to make sure every aspect is covered.

At TCMS, we follow government’s advice on coronavirus and COVID-19 guidelines. We also offer COVID-19 disinfection and cleaning to ensure that students can return to their school without any risk.

If you’d like to enquire about school cleaning service, contact TCMS at 0121 333 5824. We will contact you to understand your needs better and move on to the next steps from there.

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