Is Dry Ice Cleaning The Best Cleaning Method?

Is Dry Ice Cleaning The Best Cleaning Method?

Is Dry Ice Cleaning The Best Cleaning Method? 620 414 Victoria Mentel

Dry ice blasting was recorded to be first used by the US Navy in late 1940s, and for the past few years it has been making its way into commercial cleaning. Dry ice cleaning is a non-destructive method of cleaning surfaces, removing unwanted coatings such as dirt, rust or paint. Dry ice is used as the cleaning media and it’s used in the solid form of carbon dioxide at temperature of -78.5 Celsius degrees.


Dry ice blasting is the process of cleaning a surface with compressed air and dry ice particles, usually in the form of dry ice pellets. The mixture of pressurized air and the presence of dry ice (Co2 pellets) in the blast stream creates an explosive sublimation. That chain reaction enables cleaning of surfaces in a non-destructive way, making it a sought-after cleaning methods in comparison to other blasting methods such as sand blasting.

What Are The Benefits Of Dry Ice Blasting?

  • Less Damage To Surfaces

Most blasting cleaning techniques can cause damage to the surface being cleaning as they have an abrasive effect on the material, which can lead to changing the surface considerably. Dry ice blasting in a non-abrasive method and can be effectively used on delicate moving parts of machinery, intricate architecture and most wooden structures resulting in a clean, dry and unchanged surface.

  • Decreased Down Time

Most cleaning procedures require equipment to be disassembled and moved to an assigned area for proper cleaning. Electrical machinery will need to be treated differently as well due to moisture being an issue. That results in more time and engineering resources that need to be dedicated for the procedure. With dry ice cleaning the equipment can be cleaned hot and in situ in most situations, therefore, saving labor and time consuming work hours which would need to take place with other cleaning methods.

The processes that can be skipped with dry ice blasting are: cool down, disassembly, transport of the equipment to and from a dedicated cleaning area, reassembly & reheating time.

With all the processes that you can eliminate, you can reduce the time of deep cleaning from days to hours allowing your business to get back to profitable production.

  • No Product Waste = Reduced Waste Disposal Costs

Dry ice cleaning does not produce any secondary waste stream as the dry ice disappears into the atmosphere leaving only the dislodged primary contaminant to be disposed of. That can reduce volume of waste which means reduced waste disposal costs when compared to what other cleaning methods are combined with, such as chemicals, sand, glass or liquids.

  • Less Environmental Impact

Other blast cleaning media use various chemicals and materials to clean the surface, depending on the cleaning technique. Some of them can be left behind, letting them flow down public drains into sewer systems, lakes, streams, or seeping into the soil, which can all be considered as environmentally irresponsible. As explained above, dry ice cleaning does not produce any secondary waste and therefore makes the technique leading on the market.

  • Employee Health and Safety

The use of most alternative blast cleaning media, such as sand, glass, plastic, aluminum, oxide, silicon carbide, etc., if not used with the proper safety equipment and processes, can negatively affect the health of operators and others in the immediate area.

  • More Advantages



-Food industry safe



Now, good news! TCMS is introducing dry ice cleaning in the early 2022. Our staff are currently being trained on how to carry out this type of cleaning to ensure we provide the highest level of services to all our clients. If you require this service or any other commercial cleaning services, feel free to contact TCMS now! One of our team members will assist you in finding the best option for you.

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