All You Need To Know About High Level Cleaning

All You Need To Know About High Level Cleaning

All You Need To Know About High Level Cleaning 1640 924 Victoria Mentel

High level cleaning is one of the services TCMS specialises in. Below is information about high level cleaning based on 38 years of experience in industrial cleaning. We have a team of highly skilled and fully trained personnel who carry out the service to the highest standard. 

What Is High Level Cleaning?

High level cleaning is exactly what the name suggests, cleaning at high levels. In order to carry out this service, special equipment and products are required. Of course, many will consider the external cleaning at height when they see an individual abseiling to clean windows or on access platforms to clean cladding. However, there are more types of high level cleaning than just that, that include cleaning internal walls, ceilings or other surfaces.

High level cleaning poses a potential danger to staff, therefore, it is vital to provide appropriate Health & Safety procedures, insurance and training.

High Level Cleaning Services

Any commercial cleaning at height is considered high level cleaning, whether it takes place on the inside or the outside premises. So, what services would high level cleaning include? To make the list more manageable, let’s split it into two types: external & internal high level cleaning.

External High Level Cleaning 

These services include external cleaning of premises where the cleaning needs to take place at height and the most common examples are:

– Window cleaning
– Gutter cleaning
– Roof cleaning
– Cladding
– Facade cleaning
– Solar panel cleaning
– Banner and signage cleaning
– Skylights and canopies


Internal High Level Cleaning

Internal high level cleaning will be considered by businesses whose premises have high ceilings and that service usually includes:

– Commercial ceiling cleaning
– Internal roofing cleaning
– Cleaning of light fittings
– Internal cladding and wall cleaning
– Duct and conduit cleaning
– Cleaning of structural steels
– Skylights and other internal windows

Types Of Premises 

Commercial high level cleaning can take place in any premises with high ceilings and will require specialist equipment. Such premises would include:

– Car dealers
– Historic buildings
– Distribution centres
– Warehouses
– Office blocks
– Large retail outlets
– Cinemas and leisure complexes
– Supermarkets
– Churches and community centres
– Large chillers and fridges

TCMS has many years of experience in high level cleaning in many types of premises. If you require this service or any other commercial cleaning services, contact TCMS now.

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