What Is Biological Hazard Cleaning & Why Is It Important?

What Is Biological Hazard Cleaning & Why Is It Important?

What Is Biological Hazard Cleaning & Why Is It Important? 2560 1707 Victoria Mentel

Biological hazard is a substance that poses a threat to the health of any living organism- human, animal, or plant. For that reason, trauma and bio-hazard cleaning can only be carried out by cleaning specialists with the right safety procedures and expertise.


Who we work for?

TCMS has been providing bio-hazard cleaning service for many years for various clients. That includes councils, prisons, police forces, etc. We ensure to deliver trusted service discretely and to the highest standard.


What does bio-hazard cleaning include?

Bio-hazard cleaning takes many forms, and all require a high level of skill and safety procedures. Our staff are all trained to use the most advanced equipment and chemical products. Strict policies are being followed by every member of our personnel to ensure not only their safety, but also safety of others.


Bio-hazard cleaning includes:

  • COVID-19 planned disinfection,
  • Emergency COVID-19 decontamination,
  • Crime scene decontamination,
  • Police vehicle, cell, court room decontamination,
  • Hygiene clean to remove blood and other bodily fluids,
  • Hygiene cleans following removal of sharps and hypodermic waste.


Planned COVID-19 Cleaning:

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, taking effective measures against the virus contamination has become a rather essential procedure. TCMS’ planned COVID-19 cleaning service is designed to offer the highest level of service by using the most advanced disinfectants and cleaning systems. Such service ensures a safe environment and peace of mind for business workers and customers. TCMS is fully dedicated to being a key part of maintaining a low-risk environment.

COVID-19 Cleaning and Decontamination:

An outbreak of Coronavirus can halt business operations rapidly. Therefore, for businesses to resume their operations a quick response is required. By using specialist equipment to disinfect the premises, this will allow to eliminate the virus completely from any surfaces from an infected contact.

Crime Scene Decontamination:

Crime scene and locations that are affected by traumatic incidents must be cleaned in a specific time frame. It requires quick attention as biological material can be hazardous to health. Professional cleaners are always provided with the safest protective clothing, equipment, chemicals, and techniques. TCMS teams are trained to manage various challenges and pressures associated with crime scene cleaning. It is important all procedures are carried out in accordance with safe systems of work and site-specific risk assessments and method statements.


Talk to us

TCMS offers biohazard cleaning services across the United Kingdom. We are proud to have highly trained staff who specialize in this area and can provide quick and effective service.


If you need biohazard or trauma cleaning services, contact TCMS today here or under:  0121 333 5824.

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