Take the guesswork out of cleaning quotes with our online calculator

Take the guesswork out of cleaning quotes with our online calculator

Take the guesswork out of cleaning quotes with our online calculator 2000 954 88Admin

Picture this…

You’ve seen a service online you think would be helpful for your business, and you’d like to know more.  It’s something you’ve never used before, and you find a promising company offering exactly what you’re after.

You click the link to their website, and browse through the details of the service and reasons why you should go for it.  You’re pretty much sold.

There’s just one problem though, there’s no mention of price anywhere.

Without a rough cost, and with no prior experience of this service, it’s difficult to know whether this is within your budget, so what do you do?

Your options are

  • Go to another company and hope you can find an indicative cost with them
  • Contact the company directly and ask for a baseline cost, with no prior expectation to guide you
  • Spend hours online doing research by yourself to find out how much this service generally costs before contacting anyone

Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just go online, enter your requirements, and get an estimated cost upfront?  No need to trawl search engines or use your best poker face when a cost is higher or lower than you had expected.

This is the aim of the TCMS Online Instant Cleaning Quote feature.

Simply enter your details, how many hours per day and days per week you need your cleaning service for, and it will generate you an estimated cleaning quote, subject to survey, straight away.

This gives you vital information upfront for budgeting and decision making.

What’s more is that this quote can then be followed up with a site survey from our specialist team, who can draw you up the best bespoke cleaning schedule to suit your needs.

We designed this tool to give you the quickest access to the information you need upfront.  You can find more information about the services we offer here  or on things you need to know in choosing a cleaning company – How to choose a cleaning company

When you’re ready, check out the calculator here

If you would like to speak to one of our team directly about your needs, we are on hand to talk to you on 0121 333 5824 or info@tcmscleaning.com

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