Reopening after a year in lockdown

Reopening after a year in lockdown

Reopening after a year in lockdown 2000 2000 88Admin

Monday 17th May marks the penultimate step towards the light at the end of a long, dark and uncertain tunnel.  Boris Johnson has announced that, as of this date, changes will be made to the restrictions we’ve all been living under since the Coronavirus pandemic took hold on 20th March 2020.

The vaccination process has been successfully rolled out, with in excess of 67% of the UK adult population having received the first dose of the jab, and more than a third having had both.  Globally, over 1.2bn vaccinations have been delivered, as seen on the WHO live dashboard  Real time data available here – shows that the number of Covid-related deaths in the UK has dropped by a third* and hospital admissions are down by a quarter*

As a result of the success of the roadmap and the efforts made at large by the public, 17th May sees us moving to the following changes:

Rule of Six – now extended to indoors, allowing six people or two households to spend time in each other’s homes, with domestic overnight stays allowed
Hugging to be allowed again outside of households and bubbles, with people urged to remain cautious
Restaurants, pubs and hospitality venues are allowed to reopen indoor seating, with table service
Indoor entertainment venues such as cinemas and theatre will be able to reopen
Domestic holidays extended to the Rule of Six rather than household only, with international holidays permitted subject to a traffic light system
Businesses will now be subject to Covid safety guidelines to ensure they are following the rules to keep customers and staff safe and keep the risk of virus transmission at bay.

The role of cleaning post-pandemic

It is no coincidence that the initial advice, once WHO announced Coronavirus as a pandemic, was centred on hygiene.  Thorough handwashing and antibacterial sanitisers have been a staple discussion point since February 2020 and the importance of these actions in reducing risk has been in the spotlight, for good reason.  The fact remains, however, that these are just the start for businesses looking to embrace safety in post-pandemic Britain.

Key decision makers in businesses are now looking at their cleaning schedules with new information, and the frequency, effectiveness and attention to detail of these schedules and the products used can be all the difference in how smoothly a business navigates the reopening of offices and hospitality venues.

It can be a minefield as a business owner to manage these services when the focus needs to be on recouping costs lost during a pandemic and settling staff back into the workplace with new working methods.  Trawling through the safety data sheets of various products and training and monitoring staff to manage the cleaning routine takes valuable time away from your business priorities.

Having a contracted cleaning service in place can ease these issues.  By choosing the right cleaning company to provide regular, scheduled cleaning, you can ensure that all necessary areas are being meticulously covered, and that the products are safe, effective and suitable.  Staff are fully trained and focused on their roles and provided with all necessary PPE.  Initial decontamination fogging services and surface testing can be added for extra peace of mind, from a provider with whom you have built a strong working relationship.

Based in Birmingham, TCMS have been offering both regular contract cleaning and periodic deep cleaning, locally and nationwide, for over 35 years.  These services include washrooms, kitchen and canopy and floor maintenance.  We are passionate about getting businesses thriving again, and watching the UK re-open up, safer than before.

If you would like a quote for regular or periodic commercial cleaning, you can call us on 0121 333 5824 or email us at

*as of May 10th compared to prior 7 days

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