The benefits of regular office cleaning

The benefits of regular office cleaning

The benefits of regular office cleaning 2000 1022 88Admin

Whatever your business sector, keeping your business premises clean, hygienic and presentable is indisputably important.

Retail business spend thousands on presenting the most desirable space to encourage shoppers to enjoy their stores and online operations.  Hospitality establishments know that washroom cleaning or a dirty utensil can be critical in online reviews, an ever-growing factor in a fierce industry.  Food preparation areas undergo stringent scrutiny from Environmental Health, and any discrepancies in sanitation in a healthcare or academic setting can be catastrophic, as the recent pandemic has sadly illuminated.  A study published in the American Journal of Infection Control showed established links between cleaning quality and hospital-acquired infections (Murphy 2002)

What’s more, the prevalence of information on social media can spread low scores or non-conformance information across your target audience in a matter of hours, meaning that any ambivalence to cleaning duties can cause potentially irreparable damage to your business.

The difficulty with cleaning is that, all too often, there is some role ambivalence regarding who the duties should fall to.  Whilst it is in everyone’s interest to pitch in, regular cleaning (rather than tidying) is rarely detailed in job descriptions for on site staff.  This can lead to the following issues:

  • Irregular or inconsistent application, due to fluctuation in workloads or staff rotas
  • Resentment caused by inequity between staff members carrying out the bulk of cleaning duties
  • Difficulty in reaching standardized cleaning levels without set “Service Level Agreements” detailing which areas should be prioritized and the level to which those areas should be cleaned
  • Affect on staff workload, with staff falling behind due to time spent working outside of a previously agreed job description

One way to avoid delegating cleaning duties to existent staff members is to directly employ cleaning staff inhouse.  A benefit of this is that this staff member can report directly to you, and you can cut potential costs associated with dealing with contract cleaning companies.  If you have a minimal cleaning need (one day per week, for example), this might be the best solution for your business, but it is not without drawbacks.  In our experience, companies have fed back that employing cleaning staff directly also has disadvantages, such as:

  • The need to manage all payroll obligations for the employed cleaner, such as PAYE, HR and NI, which can include larger outgoings such as parental leave, carer’s leave or long term sick pay. These costs can often be higher than the actual employee wage.
  • Health & Safety obligations, such as providing COSHH assessments, Risk Assessments, Method Statements and PPE for cleaning staff, who will often be exposed to cleaning chemicals, manual handling and working with electrical machinery.
  • Time taken to draw up detailed cleaning specifications, and manage and monitor them with inhouse SLAs
  • Management of the procurement of all necessary chemicals, equipment and consumables without which an inhouse cleaner would find it difficult to complete their duties.

Taking the above into account, a study by The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) estimates that in-house cleaning is, on average, 23% more expensive than contract cleaning services.  Alongside this, it offers a huge amount in added value, in removing the mental load associated with directly managing cleaning services, either by current staff or directly employed cleaners.

When you engage a professional contract cleaners to service your business, you are getting far more than cleaners on site.  Dedicated cleaning companies manage the entirety of the process, from detailed cleaning specifications, to efficient recruitment and staff management, through to the monitoring of agreed KPIs.  The quote price you receive from us is inclusive of these duties, and issues can be resolved with one telephone call or email, allowing you to focus on your own business growth.  Once mobilized and functional, the extent of your involvement can be reduced to a monthly catch up and the payment of an invoice, although we actively encourage core client representatives to have as much input as they wish, and seek to build long-term fulfilling relationships between staff.

Full and ongoing specialist training is built into the core of our business, and our Health & Safety accreditations demonstrate our commitment to safeguarding staff and service users from both our company and yours.

Recruitment is carried out in line with Equality policies, with clear person specifications, and our staff are DBS-approved and work in line with Safeguarding policies (essential in our academic and public sector work).

Additionally, as a commercial cleaning company with many specialized expertise, it is extremely straightforward to add extra deep cleaning services, such as external window cleaning or floor maintenance, to your services from a trusted supplier without adding the burden of procurement.

Whatever your sector, and however you currently meet your cleaning needs, if you feel that we can make your business life easier with our regular or periodic cleaning services, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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